FanCasting: Hobbs & Shaw Edition

I’m not worried about Hobbs & Shaw being good. I know it will be. It can’t fail. And because it’s going to be so good and make a billion dollars, they’re going to make more of them. Which means they’ll need to cast more people. Which is where I come in. In addition to bringing back Luke Evans and Helen Mirren to round out the Shaw fam, may I present, the following:

Eva Mendes

She’s technically already in the Fast & Furious franchise, it’s just high time they bring her back. She’s the one who told Hobbs that Letty was still alive so we know they have a relationship and the next time he’s stateside and he has to call in a favour, we know who he’ll call.

Tom Hardy

Is it weird for anyone else that Jason Statham and Tom Hardy haven’t already been in a movie together? Not even once. Not even by accident. The world needs this team-up and it also needs an Idris Elba/Tom Hardy reunion because we know how these movies go and in the next one, Idris will be with the good guys, fighting a new bad guy. Might as well be Shaw’s old pal, thick as thieves they once were, like brothers, closer than brothers, until Shaw went rogue and Tom stayed on the straight and narrow but now, oh how the tables have turned. Honestly these things write themselves.

John Boyega

He already played Idris’ son, technically, in Pacific Rim: Uprising, but this time they’ll actually share screen time and it’ll be 100% better. I don’t know if they need to be related exactly but I wouldn’t be mad if they were. I mean, these movies are all about family. Also as far as I know this team doesn’t have a hacker yet and I think he’d be perf.

Emily Blunt

She kicks ass in everything all the time and she’s already worked with The Rock once in the upcoming Disney’s Jungle Cruise so we know they get along. I see her as maybe an ex of Owen Shaw’s who started her own outfit and now is going after the family or something. Except she’s working for their mom, Helen Mirren, who always liked her more than her own kids.

Naomie Harris

I know everyone hated Rampage but sadly you’re wrong because it was great and also Naomie Harris and The Rock had amazing chemistry which I, for one, would like to see again. And she was fantastic in the Bond movies. She could be an Interpol agent or MI5 or MI6 or an assassin or honestly anything it doesn’t matter.
Chris Morgan, call me. I have literally dozens of ideas.

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