Trailer Radar: Biopic Edition

Nothing says Autumn is here like a barrage of biopics, amirite? Seriously, if you fancy an Oscar, play a famous person. Preferably a dead one who was beloved by Hollywood all their life and/or died under very tragic circumstances.

Bohemian Rhapsody

I came to know Queen exclusively because of their involvement with the television series Highlander and my sister’s subsequent obsessive relationship with them. So I do consider myself a fan. This is my “Birthday Movie” this year and I am THRILLED. I have cried every time I’ve seen this trailer. Rami Malek you are so special and I love you.


I appreciate Elton John’s contribution to music and I think this looks really good too. Weird that it’s a summer movie?


First of all, I KNEW Christian Bale was playing Dick Cheney and I still didn’t recognize him right away in this trailer. I thought it might have been Jeff Daniels for a hot sec. Also if that isn’t makeup his heart is literally going to explode one of these days. ALSO casting Amy Adams and Sam Rockwell in this feels like a personal attack on me to make me watch this even though I don’t want to give any more time or attention to any of these characters or administration. But damn it looks good.

At Eternity’s Gate

So…. Golden Globe Winner Oscar Isaac is in this.. And it looks gorgeous. Need I say more?


Trailer Radar: YAS QUEEN! Edition

It’s October now, which means the start of the most blessed and joyous time of year, Awards Season.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Saoirse Ronan is coming in hot to snatch that Oscar. And all our wigs. Honestly can anyone else claim to have been consistently crushing it more than Ms. Ronan? Margot Robbie ain’t half bad herself. I’m honestly not sure who I’m rooting for more, in life, and in this movie.

The Favourite

This looks batshit crazy and I am HERE FOR IT. At this point Yorgos Lanthimos could direct a Starbucks training video and it would be inventive and subversive. Also, THIS. CAST. I can’t wait for this film to overtake all my senses.

Captain Marvel

Oh, y’all were worried about The Avengers?! Captain Marvel can defeat Thanos three times before the rest of us have even rolled out of bed.

Mary Poppins Returns

Girl if you aren’t crying over this then you’re dead inside.