Only Nerds Left Alive

Okay so I love a good fancast. So much so that I am low-key exploring a career in casting. Imagining different actors in specific roles is one of my favourite pastimes.

In the last episode of season 3 of Silicon Valley, Erlich has a phone conversation with Nelson “Big Head” Bigetti’s father, warning him that if he has “any financial dealings with his son in perpetuity” he will “get very Italian” on him. Which paints quite the picture. Who could be Italian enough to scare Erlich Bachman out of trying to extort more money from Big Head? Let the fancast begin!

First, we must consider the age factor. Josh Brener (who plays Big Head) is 31 years old, but I think the characters on Silicon Valley are supposed to be younger, so let’s say mid-20s at the most. My first thought was Robert De Niro or Martin Scorsese (who already has a relationship with HBO) but they are both well into their 70s. I read a recap of the episode wherein the reviewer posited that Bobby Cannavale would be a good choice, but he’s only 46 and I think maybe too young to be Big Head’s dad.

Ray Liotta
is 62 and not actually Italian (he was adopted by a nice Italian family) but I can’t think of anyone more associated with violent Italians that isn’t Robert De Niro. And he’s been great in other comedy shows.

Stanley Tucci
is 55 and fully Italian as well as equally menacing and hilarious. And he’s been known to do small television roles.

Christopher Meloni
is also 55 and completely terrifying. He’s also done good work in comedy, but there’s no part of me that believes he doesn’t know how to dispose of a body.

Since HBO has the means to hire anyone they want any time, it’s just a matter of who they think best fits the show. I believe any of these guys could do an amazing job. I can’t wait until next April to see if I’m right.