A Jason For All Seasons

Jason Sudeikis is the Summer

He’s watching baseball on hot nights in July, drinking beer and eating hotdogs. Reading the paper on Sunday mornings. Sitting on your porch, waiting for the sun to come up.

Jason Mantzoukas is the Autumn

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He’s walking outside in the crisp air, leaves crunching underfoot. Early evenings as the day grows dark. Driving through the countryside and picking out a pumpkin.

Jason Segel is the Spring

He’s a baby goat learning to walk. The first sign of green after the thaw. A light rainfall and a rainbow just as the sun sets.

Jason Clarke is the Winter

He’s a fresh snow bank with a single line of footprints. Coming in from the cold and stomping your boots against the threshold. The stillness and the silence as the world is frozen in place.

Jason Statham is all the Seasons

He’s going to the beach in late August and picking apples in September. He’s fresh cut flowers in April and a stark forest in December, bathed in moonlight.