Podcasting Away

Where did Podcasts come from? Perhaps we’ll never know. They just turned up on our phones one day like the latest U2 album (more on that later) and before we knew it, we were walking around laughing OUT LOUD in front of PEOPLE and not caring if they thought we were insane. The comedy invasion had begun.

The first podcast I ever listened to was Tom Hanks’ appearance on the Nerdist. I had no idea who Chris Hardwick was (still don’t) but I loved listening to Hank’s easy banter and stories of Hollywood. Why hadn’t anyone thought of this medium to interview celebrities before?
After that, I got very into Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. I knew and liked Michael Ian Black very much from his work with David Wain and sort of Tom Cavanagh (I knew his series’ Ed and Love Monkey had existed and he played JD’s brother on Scrubs) but it seemed an easy in. I probably listened to about 20 episodes before I realized I was listening to two grown men eating junk food. It was fun while it lasted. I found out about Combos through that podcast and I still always buy some when I’m in the US. They have sweet ones now. Mindblowing.
In 2012, I took some time off from the podcast scene. I needed to find myself, move to Toronto, you know how it goes. Around the time I wrote a piece on the wonder and the glory that is comedian/actor June Diane Raphael, some well-meaning soul suggested I listen to How Did This Get Made? the podcast she had created with husband Paul Scheer and creepy uncle Jason Mantzoukas.
I do not recall how long it took me, but once I gave in, I was hooked. To this day, it’s one of only two I still subscribe to and look forward to new episodes of. I’m hoping I’ll get to see them live one day.

Paul, Jason, and June love bad movies. And I mean LOVE. They appreciate poor cinema like no one and I share many, many opinions with them. I’ve listened to their Furious 6 and 7 lovefests easily 5 times each, and the Crank episodes? Good sweet lord, I can’t. If anyone on this earth can claim to love Jason Statham more than I, it’s Zouks and Sheer.

From there, it was an easy transition to the U Talking U2 To Me? podcast, hosted by Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman. After all, I love U2 and Adam Scott from Party Down and Parks and Recreation. I caught up just before the surprise release of Songs of Innocence (as I mentioned, I love U2. Sincerely. They’ve been my favorite band since I was 12. I saw the Innocence + Experience tour 3 times last year. I was elated to get a free copy of their newest album. Any negative comments on the matter will be removed without warning. I will not engage.) and followed along through the physical release, the tour, and right up to the interview Scott and Scott did with the actual band members themselves. u2-talk-2-uSome podcasts have to end, and this one did with a finale only fitting for one of the most theatrical bands performing today. That said, the interview is pretty awkward and hard to listen to at some points.

The late, great, Harris Wittels appeared on a couple episodes of U Talking U2 To Me and of course I recognized him from Parks and Rec but I still hadn’t listened to any of Aukerman’s other podcast, Comedy Bang Bang, when Harris passed away. Farts_and_Pro_2Since then, I’ve devoured the archives of CBB and reveled in all things Harris. We lost you too soon and I’ll never really be over it. I’ve also listened to episodes not featuring Harris and although CBB isn’t appointment viewing for me, I do enjoy it from time to time.

And finally, my current obsession, Doug Loves Movies. I actually went to a live DLM before listening to a single episode. Doug Benson tours around the continent doing his show and he was in Toronto for (comedy festival) JFL42 last year so I thought, why not? I like podcasts.
Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Doug as host has such an easy charm and glee at talking to friends about movies and he genuinely gets a kick out of the bizarre traditions that have evolved over the 7+ years of doing this podcast. Donut throwing, bribing panelists with candy, and as always, someone or something is a shithead. Also, and I don’t mean to brag, but I am very good at Last Man Stanton. I sometimes play by myself when I’m on the bus by going to IMDb and picking the first actor (with a decent film history) in the birthday section. I’m also pretty good at Cable Billing and Clusterflicks, but I haven’t figured out how to play those at home yet.

Happy listening, kids. I’m going to go eat some snacks.